Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 4, 2013

This week has been an interesting week for sure. There is not a ton to write about because not a ton happened we just ran around alot and I just want to collapse from being to tired. I think I only got to bed on time like once this whole week because of travel and stuff.

This week I went to Krefeld like 3 times, Düsseldorf twice, and all the way down to Frankfurt once, so a lot of my time was spent just sitting on trains. I dont really know how we managed to travel so much because we really only went on one split and had one training meeting down in Frankfurt. Which basicaly ate up all of my time up until Wednesday because of travel and meetings. I do have to say that the meeting in Frankfurt was amazing and it is super exciting to hear about all the new missionaries that we are getting. This mission is going to expload. And every missionary here is a spiritual giant, it is really quite humbling to be able to listen to their testimonies and hear thier experiences.

We had a split this week, and I went to Krefeld with Elder Slagowski, who is awesome! I love that guy. We had so much fun and we managed to lose an old man, teach a lesson to a family that only speaks spanish, and look like idiots while carying a huge whiteboard around the middle of town with questions of the soul writen on it. Awesome. And to the end the split we went to a kinda nice resturant, and we forgot that it was a friday night, we were the only ones there not on a date... We looked kinda gay... Oh well, the food tasted great.

The highlight of embarrasment was definitly playing soccer. We have this young investigator who likes to play soccer and there was a tournament for the stake this weekend, so we invited him and we were going to play with him, thinking it would be low key. Not. There were teams from all over germany, kids from Hamburg who came down to play, and we looked like complete idiots. Neither Elder Hutchings or I could play soccer, and we were sitting there, watching the other guys kick balls at what looked like the speed of light. And at the same time ballance a ball on thier head and do a backflip and it was just insane. We got put on this team and one of the guys asked us what possition we played, we were so flippen nervous we didn't understand him. I am pretty sure he popped a blood vessel when he realized we did play soccer and we didn't speak german. Yeah, we were the idiot americans. However, we did come in second to last in the tournament, which means we didn't get last. But if anyone remembers my first time playing basketball, where I just grabbed the ball and ran... It was worse than that....

But I came out alive and I have almost regained feeling of my limbs. Not working out for almost a year is a bad idea and I wouldn't advise it.

Well I have to change the way that I close my messages, because Camilla, an investigator, told me that the only two words that I say in german with every letter home were wrong. How is that for the confidence boost, just when you think you can speak the language, people are firing soccerballs at you at 10000 mph and you find out you cant even end a letter properly. Thank goodness the Lord helps me work on my Humility.


Mit Liebe,

Elder Blackley

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